Tuesday Tips & Tricks #2

Quickbooks Tricks #2

Create a recurring credit card payment in QuickBooks Online Edition


Create recurring charges in QuickBooks Online for a customer’s credit card transactions.

Detailed instructions

If you’d like to set up a recurring monthly charge for a credit card, simply create a Recurring Transaction. Visa and MasterCard guidelines require you to have written authorization from your customer before setting up recurring credit card billing.

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Obtain a credit card authorization form for Visa/MasterCard


  1. Login to your QuickBooks Online Company File.
  2. Go to Customers and select the customer that will have the recurring transaction.
  3. Click Edit Payment and billing.
  4. Enter the payment information and click Save.
  5. Now when you make the payment recurring, the authorization form will appear when you click Save template.


Create a Recurring Sales Receipt for monthly charges


  1. From your home page, click Create (+) > Sales Receipt.
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  2. Enter the items for the transaction then click Make recurring.
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    IMPORTANTDo not click Save and close in the Sales Receipt, as it will charge the customer at that time.
  3. Click Save template to complete the recurring payment and start the cycle.
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  4. Have your customer complete the authorization form.



How to set billing dates

You control the dates your customer is charged when you set the schedule for a recurring transaction. The Start DateInterval and End Date you choose determines the payment dates going forward.

  • Start Date: Choose the first date you want your customer to pay. This date must be tomorrow or later (up to a year from today) and affects the schedule of the next payments.
  • Interval Date: Choose the desired billing interval. Your customer will pay on this regular schedule, based on the start date you choose. For example, if you start on July 1st and bill monthly, your customer pays on the 1st of each month.
  • End date: You can use this field to set an end date. This is the last bill date. In other words, if a payment falls ON the date you choose, it does process. But any payments that fall AFTER this date won’t process. If you don’t want to set an end date, leave this field blank.

Tip: After you submit your recurring transaction, the list that appears shows the next scheduled bill date.


IMPORTANT: The QuickBooks Online Recurring Billing process is not the same as the Merchant Service ReBill feature which is only available in the Merchant Service Center. The QuickBooks Online Recurring Billing integrates payments with your QuickBooks customers. The Merchant Service ReBill feature does not integrate with QuickBooks Online and should not be used; otherwise, duplicate charges will result.


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