Let me take a moment to express my thanks for the wonderful service R&D Legal Bookkeeping provided us here at Iandoli & Edens. When we first called, it was to help us out of a difficult situation. We had lost our bookkeeper in the midst of transitioning to a new accounting system. R&D brought order to the chaos and put us on the right track. R&D transferred our accounts to QuickBooks and had us up and running on the very first day we met. What a difference they have made to my business. This became even more evident when we faced a random state audit in January this year. Never in our 23 year history has an audit gone so smoothly. The auditor actually paid compliment to the face that we were all well prepared, organized, and able to answer her questions and furnish her with the supporting documentation. R&D made this happen!

Thank you for being there for us every time we have needed you. We are so fortunate to have R&D Legal Bookkeeping on our side.