R&D’s Bookkeeping Services Let You Focus On Your Customers

R&D’s Bookkeeping Services let you focus on your clients, core business, and bottom line – providing a great return on investment.

Onsite & Outsourced Bookkeeping

We can help your small business or law firm organize and manage its finances, handle accounts payable and receivable, file sales tax returns, generate financial reports, and bookkeeping services – on-site or off.

R&D will manage your Accounts Payable/Receivable and bring order to your cash flow. We’ll invoice your clients, manage your collections, and provide you with up-to-date status reports, as well as enter your outstanding bills and print your checks in a timely manner to avoid late charges and penalties. Let us be your reliable bookkeeper in!

Bookkeeping designed to fit your needs

Contracting professionals to handle activities that fall outside of the company’s primary function can help small and medium-sized enterprises save money.

Business Administrative and Virtual Services

If your not sure if hiring a bookkeeping service is right for your business, we can help answer any questions and give you good guidance on your needs. We have found that many business owners know their are overwhelmed, but just don’t know what the next step should be.

  • Assistance with large Mailings
  • The necessary reporting to file your personal tax return and work with your accountant
  • Allow us to be your back off administrative team to serve your business needs.
  • Advanced financial reporting and analysis
  • Typing of Contracts, Proposals and Invoicing for your customers
  • Allow us to be your back off administrative team to serve your business needs.
  • Quarterly meetings to review financial reports and assist with cost analysis
  • Payroll preparation and reporting for 1 to 5 employees

The concept of outsourcing your bookkeeping services not only saves money and resources, it saves time…a lot of time!

Many businesses find that their bookkeeping needs have outgrown the capabilities of a part-time bookkeeper or office manager. That’s where our advanced bookkeeping services come in. We can provide your business with all the help it needs to keep its finances in order.

Our Outsourced Bookkeepers become Part Of Your Team.

Our team of experienced professionals can help you with everything from reconciling bank statements to preparing year-end financial statements. We can also help you manage your accounts payable and receivable, as well as your inventory. And if you’re ever not sure what to do, we’re always here to help!

If you’re looking for a comprehensive, yet affordable bookkeeping solution, our team is here to help. We offer a full range of services, from basic bookkeeping to preparing complex financial statements. And we always tailor our services to meet your specific needs. So if you’re ready to take your business finances to the next level, give us a call today!

“There are so many laws and tax compliance issues to deal with as a small business owner, I have peace of mind that someone like R & D Bookkeeping is there helping me so that I can focus on running my business.”
Terry Bernardo
Owner, Skate Time 209