QuickBooks Keyboard Shortcuts: A Comprehensive Guide

QuickBooks, like any accounting software, is only as good as the information you put into it. When you’re short on time to enter data, the quality of that data can be compromised.

Fortunately, QuickBooks has implemented a system of shortcuts designed to save you time so you can enter information as quickly and accurately as possible. Here are some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts that you may need for your company.

It’s important to note that some of these shortcuts only work when a form is on the screen. You can print up this comprehensive guide and keep it as a reference until you begin to memorize the short cut keys that you use the most.

When you want to get to a page quickly….

Customer’s page CTRL + ALT + C
Vendor’s page CTRL + ALT + V
List’s page CTRL + ALT + L
Chart of Account’s page CTRL + ALT + A
Search transactions screen CTRL + ALT + F
Help window CTRL + ALT + H

When you want to work on a form…..

Start a new invoice CTRL + ALT + I
Start a new check CTRL + ALT + W
Start a new estimate CTRL + ALT + E
Start a new expense CTRL + ALT + X
Receive a payment CTRL + ALT + R
Save a current form and open a new one CTRL + ALT + S
Save current form and send it CTRL + ALT + M

When you need to move between fields…..

Move from one field to the next Tab
Move backwards through the fields Shift + Tab

When you want to enter dates in a field…..

To change the date to…
Next day +
Previous day
Today T
First day of the week W
Last day of the week K
First day of the month M
Last day of the month H
First day of the year Y
Last day of the year R

When you want to calculate a rate or amount…..

You can enter a calculation into the amount or rate field and QuickBooks will calculate the amount for you.

Add +
Multiply *
Divide /
Group ( )

When you want to choose items in a drop-down list…..

To reach a field Tab
To open the list Alt + down arrow
To move through the items in the list Up arrow or down arrow
Select the item and move to next field Tab
To scroll through the list without opening the list CTRL + down arrow or

CTRL + up arrow

When you want to enter transactions in the register…..

To add a transaction CTRL + ALT + N
To select the transaction type field In a new transaction row, press Shift + Tab
Open the list ALT + down arrow
Move through the list Up arrow or down arrow or type the first letter of the transaction you want

If there are two that start with the same letter, hit the letter twice

Increase a reference number +
Decrease a reference number
Enter “To Print” in the reference field T
Save selected transaction Shift + ALT + S or CTRL + S
Edit a saved transaction Shift + ALT + E or CTRL E
Move between transactions within the register and selecting the date field along the way Up arrow to select the transaction above

Down arrow to select the transaction below


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