QuickBooks to Go: What’s New on iOS and Android

Good news for bookkeepers and accountants on the go: QuickBooks Mobile recently released big updates for both iOS and Android.

Signing into the QuickBooks app will take you straight to a clean new dashboard with cards that summarize information you need to know at a glance, including a basic profit and loss graphic, invoice statuses, an expense overview and up-to-date account balances. Tap any card for more detailed information.

Here’s what you’ll see on each card:

Profit and loss card

This card shows your net profit as well as a breakdown of the last month’s income and the last 30 days of expenses. You’ll also see an indication of the income and expenses that have been confirmed and recorded to QuickBooks and the bank transactions that are waiting for your review.

Tapping the card shows a more detailed graph and a link to “Review transactions” that you can add to QuickBooks or match to transactions.

Invoices card

See how many invoices you have open and which ones are overdue. Tap for a full list of open, overdue and paid invoices, and tap an invoice to preview, edit, send again or request a customer’s signature.

Expenses card

Understand where your money is going with a look at your last 30 days of expenses sorted by category, with the top five categories immediately at hand. Tap to see other categories, percentages and a detailed list of all expenses.

Account balances card

Access your account information wherever you are to check your balances and review new and waiting transactions.

Android users get a couple of extra goodies: You can now connect your bank accounts and credit card feeds to QuickBooks Mobile allowing for more streamlined integration and updating.

QuickBooks is also encouraging its users to keep up with credit card technology as smart chips become the new standard. QuickBooks Mobile now includes payment support for EMV cards and readers, which can help reduce your business’s liability for credit card fraud involving counterfeit or stolen cards when the card is present during transactions.

Pull up QuickBooks on your Android or iPhone and see how these new features can help you manage your business. Need help? We offer QuickBooks training so you can get up to speed as quickly as possible.

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