Non-Profits Can Benefit From Outsourced Bookkeeping

As your nonprofit strives to make the most of its resources, you may find yourself wanting to outsource bookkeeping to save you time and money.

When You Need An Expert Bookkeeper, Call R&D!

The cost of outsourcing accounting services varies depending on your organization’s size and complexity. But it will usually equal or be lower than what you would pay an experienced accountant internally. With an outside firm, you only pay for the amount of assistance you desire. Outsourcing will also save your non-profit money by avoiding the costs associated with employing a regular employee, such as payroll taxes and health insurance. Reduced fees for audit and tax services are just two of the numerous advantages that non-profits realize when they engage with an outsourced bookkeeper. That way, most auditing concerns that arise in an audit have already been addressed, and the majority of accounting issues that typically develop in an audit have already been answered.