R&D’s Bookkeeping For Attorneys Helps You Focus On Clients

Doing what we do best so you can too! R&D’s bookkeeping for attorneys lets you focus on your clients and bottom line – providing a great return on investment.

Bookkeeping For Lawyers And Attorneys

R&D Bookkeeping for Lawyers in Hilton Head Island SC, Bluffton, Beaufort County and surrounding areas. Our Legal Bookkeepers, who have managed law firms for over 30 years can help your law firm organize and manage its finances, handle your client invoicing (legal billing), accounts payable and receivables, collection calls, 3-way trust reconciliation reporting and much more…

We Specialize In Trust Management and Reconciliation Services

With over 30 years experience working with attorneys, we are experts in handling your Iolta Trust Accounts and maintain a three-way reconciliation procedure which is required by the Ethics Committee. We can work with you on a monthly or quarterly basis to maintain a client trust reconciliation and provide you with the financial reporting to stay informed of client balances. We can assist with client letters or followup that is needed for trust fund balances over 2 years old.

Proper Bookkeeping Is Critical For Lawyers

When You Can’t Keep Up It’s Time To Outsource

Bookkeeping, like everything else in your firm, needs dedication and care. We understand how difficult it is to have everything fall on your shoulders. That is also why, in order to avoid anything falling through the gaps, we recommend a professional bookkeeper in the long run.

We know that sloppy bookkeeping will cost you real money and time, and put your license and business at risk. Fortunately, getting a good bookkeeping will produce prompt reports when required, make invoicing easier, and help you better manage your money.

  • Advanced financial reporting and analysis
  • Accounts Receivable and Payable Reporting, allow us to work with your customers and/or vendors
  • Quarterly meetings to review financial reports and assist with cost flow analysis
  • Payroll preparation and reporting for 1 to 5 employees
  • Assistance with Insurance renewals and general legal administrator responsibilities without the high cost of hiring an onsite Administrator for your firm
“We have been using R&D Legal Bookkeeping for years. We trust her completely. Rochelle and her staff are easy to work with, allowing me to focus on my work and not the accounting/bookkeeping. Excellent service.
Stephen B