How to Find Transactions Faster in QuickBooks

When you need to find a specific transaction in QuickBooks, you don’t want to be stuck searching for a while. These tips will help you save time and get you the information you need when you need it most.

Finding Invoices in QuickBooks

When you need to find an invoice, you could click the “previous” button until you locate the one you’re looking for. This works fine when you’re looking for a recent invoice, but if you need to locate one that was created a few months ago, it’s not a very efficient method.

QuickBooks has a powerful find function to make things easier. To use it, click the Edit tab in the navigation bar, or hit Ctrl-F. You can add it to the icon bar to make it easier to use in the future by right-clicking on the icon bar to customize it.

Once you’re in the Find Window, choose the type of search that you want to do. There are two options: simple search and advanced search.

  1. Simple Search

This feature allows you to search by transaction type. You can search by check, bill or invoice number, or find the invoice by date range, amount or customer name.

  1. Advanced Search

The advanced search option lets you find transactions based on any number of dozens of criteria. For example, if you know the amount of the transaction you’re searching for, you can type in the amount and QuickBooks will pull up all transactions that match.

Viewing Recent Transactions in QuickBooks

When you’re looking for a recent transaction and you want to locate what you are looking for quickly, you can use these two techniques.

  1. Clock Icon

The clock icon at the top of the screen brings up recent transactions. From there, you can click on the one that you want to look at to open it.

  1. Type Transaction Find

If you want to see recent transactions of a certain type, press the “+” key to add a transaction and choose the transaction type. Then click the clock icon in the upper left corner of the screen to bring up all recent transactions of that type.

Finding Related Transactions in QuickBooks

If you want to see what check paid various bills or a deposit related to a certain invoice, click the “history” button at the top of the transaction window or press Ctrl-H. This brings up a list of related transactions. From there, you can double click any item to view that transaction.

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