Effectively Marketing Your Training Session

When you think about marketing your business, you probably spend your time looking at ways to reach prospective clients. But marketing to your own employees is just as important. After all, they’re the ones who spend the most time engaging with your customers.

Offering regular training for your employees can help them learn new skills that in turn help your company retain clients. Here’s how to use four common marketing channels to reach your own employees and get them excited about upcoming training sessions.

Online Training Opportunities

The most efficient marketing is the marketing that has already been done for you. Don’t invest in expensive customized training programs until you know it’s not available elsewhere. This can be especially true for teaching new software. Encourage your employees to browse courses available through your favorite online training services and take advantage of such tools as featured course lists and referral programs.

Social Media

Social media is free, constant and pervasive. Make your company’s public Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as internal pages and channels, an invaluable resource for your employees.

If they’re already engaged, effectively marketing your training session is just a tweet away. Keep them connected by soliciting feedback about previous training and ideas for future sessions.

Creating Brochures

In the Internet age, a well-produced brochure or informational poster can give something an exclusive feel or draw attention to the importance of a major training event.

Remember, your employees are already busy. Show respect for their time by clearly putting forth the benefits of what you’re offering and letting them speak for themselves.

Monthly Newsletter

Email is still the easiest and most cost-effective way to communicate with your employees, but it can also be the most easily ignored. If you already have a monthly newsletter, give it a thorough review and make sure you’re sending your employees something they want to read.

This in turn will provide you with a ready-to-go platform for marketing new and ongoing training sessions. Be sure to send follow-up emails promoting special sessions and create a culture where confirming attendance and giving feedback and criticism is encouraged.

Providing your employees with a chance to improve their skills proves to them that you’re invested in their professional development and continuation with your company. Let them know this, and you can build better company rapport and increase overall productivity.

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