Bookkeeper to the Rescue

How We Helped a Ridgewood NJ Business Stop Drowning in a Pile of Papers

R&D Legal – Bookkeeper for Ridgewood NJ Businesses
Our firm’s motto is “Doing what we do best, so you can too.” That’s why we are committed to helping small to medium-sized businesses organize and manage their finances. For some clients it’s simply about taking over the handling of their existing bookkeeping practices – accounts payable, invoices, tax payments, payroll, etc. For others we start from scratch setting up a bookkeeping program, inputting receipts, creating invoices, creating a payroll system, etc. As bookkeepers we do it all. And we recently did it all for Savvy Chic Consignment Boutique, in Ridgewood NJ.
R&D Legal Bookkeeping has been with my business since the beginning. I called Rochelle one day in a panic and told her I was up to my ears in unfiled receipts (literally!). I don't think she actually thought it was true, but when she walked in and saw the mountain of paperwork she realized I wasn’t exaggerating. But there is no job too big for R&D Legal Bookkeeping, and in short order she had me organized, set up with Quickbooks, and on a schedule. And since then she has kept our books in order, given me great advice, and keeps us organized. She keeps us on deadlines for tax payments, handles our payroll and helps with expense planning when necessary. Rochelle and her entire staff have been extremely helpful and always go the extra mile when necessary. I highly recommend her services. Without her I would still be drowning in my pile of papers!
Randi, Savvy Chic Consignment Boutique​ Ridgewood, NJ
We perform bookkeeping services for all types of businesses – from retail to real estate and web developers to contractors.
  • ● Bookkeeping, onsite or remote
  • ● Set up of professional accounting procedures
  • ● Management of computerized billing systems
  • ● Payroll processing
  • ● New Jersey and New York Sales Tax form preparation
  • ● Quarterly payroll reporting
  • ● Financial reporting