Bookkeeper / Business Administrator

How we helped a Westfield, NJ Law Firm

Our firm has worked with law firms for over 30 years. We are committed to helping all business small to medium organize and manage their finances. For law firms it is about setting up the correct bookkeeping procedures – payables, client invoicing, business administration and trust management. We are more than a bookkeeper to many law firms and have worked many years with the Law Offices of Michael R. Magaril, Westfield, NJ
R&D Legal Bookkeeping has been with my business since 1999. I met with Rochelle one day to assist me with my bookkeeping and billing procedures and in no time she had me up and running efficiently. I was able to produce monthly invoices which produced steady cash flow and in worked with all my vendors to produce current statements and setup monthly recurring payables so all bills would be within 30 days as requested. R&D keeps us up to date with all our bookkeeping and administrative needs, they assist with insurance renewals, worker comp audits and are always there when needed. Rochelle has worked with many of my clients to setup payment installments for those clients who found themselves unable to pay my invoices in a timely manner and her follow-up has reduced my bad debt write-offs throughout the years. I receive monthly financial reporting to keep me on track. I would recommend her services to any business who needs that person that will go the extra mile for them.
The following services are handled by R&D Legal Bookkeeping

  • ● Bank and Credit Card management and monthly reconciliations
  • ● Trust Management
  • ● Client Collections and Invoicing
  • ● Accounts Payable
  • ● Workers Comp and Insurance Audits
  • ● Business Manager / CFO