5 Ways to Be More Productive in 2017

When you own a small business, every minute counts. Here are a few of our favorite ways to get more done in less time:

1. Embrace a habit tracker

From Loop to Habitica, a tracker might just be the extra nudge you need to wake up earlier, read that business book for half an hour or review transactions on a schedule. And don’t forget that healthy habits like taking the stairs instead of the elevator will pay off in increased energy and office productivity as well.

2. Use collaborative project management tools

Whether it’s a client or an employee, if you need to work with someone else to get anything done, you need a collaborative tool. Trello and Asana let you create to-do lists that anyone can access and update, moving pieces of projects from stage to stage until they’re done and ensuring you meet your project goals.

3. Learn keyboard shortcuts

Do you find yourself switching from your keyboard to your mouse constantly just to accomplish simple tasks, never mind big ones? Learning the keyboard shortcuts in your most-used programs can save you time and make you more efficient. Mac users can download CheatSheet to display shortcuts for every application.

If you use QuickBooks, our comprehensive guide to QuickBooks keyboard shortcuts is a must have. Print it out and keep it handy as you take care of transactions.

4. Delete unused applications

Sometimes the key to productivity isn’t a new tool—it’s getting rid of old ones. Deleting unused applications taking up space on your phone or computer makes it easier to find the ones you do use and can provide a jolt of speed for a device that’s starting to feel a bit clunky.

5. Log out of time wasters

Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, YouTube—there’s no shortage of online time wasters. Logging out of accounts as soon as you’re done using them can make them a little harder to access when you ought to be doing something more productive. Delete bookmarks, or use an app like SelfControl to keep you focused on what’s important.

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